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Numbers vs Concepts

When you start your garage door service marketing, what will you obsess over?  What will keep you up at night?  What do you want to know – intuitively?  What do you want to know from hard facts? In online marketing, … Continued

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Use UPOD to Turn Clients Into Fans

One of the most common – and totally lame – goals in business is customer satisfaction.  It’s heralded as a lofty achievement, but what customer satisfaction really comes down to is that you didn’t totally piss someone off.  It went … Continued

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Neighbors Chatting in Driveways

People in suburban neighborhoods stand around in their driveways and chat all the time.  It’s as common as the day is long. Many guys, in particular, are garage dwellers.  They hang-out in their garage because it’s their favorite room in … Continued

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Look More to Customer Retention

Often in marketing for SMBs, we get caught-up in new lead generation.  All those potential garage door repair leads who need you, if only they find out about you at the right moment. New leads are vital.  They’re lifeblood for … Continued

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The Initial Hurdle

Do you want to better understand how to market your garage door repair service?  Then jump the first hurdle. We often hate jumping the first hurtle, because it’s the hardest one to get over. The reason is simple.  To learn … Continued

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Your Work Speaks for Itself

You already know that your best work carries a lot of weight in the success of your business.  Since time immemorial, the best business leads have come from unsolicited referrals. When you do an excellent job repairing or installing a … Continued

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